Meet Mike Hennessy, CFA, CFP®


Michael Hennessy


I’ve always been interested in the aspects of financial planning that aren’t learned in a classroom. Helping people understand their options when they feel overwhelmed, plan for their future independence and find peace of mind in knowing their children and grandchildren are going to be okay. I know you didn’t decide on a whim to find a financial planner. Because, chances are, you’re a bit like me.

You’d rather be by the water or lounging on the deck than sitting at home facing your financial obligations. But if you’re looking for the right partner to help plan your financial future, you have a good reason why. Whether you’re getting excited about retirement or looking to make sure you can afford a child’s tuition, you need someone who can take your biggest goals and develop a comprehensive plan around them. That’s why I became an independent financial advisor.

I joined the investment management industry over a decade ago offering my services to large, institutional clients. Working at the institutional level as a portfolio manager and trader with BlackRock and a hedge fund in Boca Raton, I was able to gain valuable experience while helping a large number of people from afar. I never felt, however, like I could really connect with the individuals at the other end looking to manage their wealth toward a better future.

To fulfill this need to empathize with and empower clients on a more personal level, I left investment management at the institutional level and focused instead on working one-on-one with families, retirees, business owners and the boating community of Southeast Florida to offer more authentic and impactful financial planning.