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Attorneys: Navigate Toward Your Financial Future

No cost. No obligation. understandable and actionable results.

Our Process At a Glance

a three-meeting test drive at no cost

You should feel comfortable knowing that you’re partnering with the right financial planner for you and your family. That’s why there’s no obligation or cost during our three-meeting process. Let's simply chat about why you’re here and what we can do for you.

Your One-Page PlaN and financial map

Yes, we’ll work together to develop a comprehensive financial plan. But we know you’re coming to us with a specific reason or two in mind. Upon completing our onboarding process, we’ll provide you with a one-page, actionable plan and financial map to address your biggest and most immediate financial concerns.

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Meeting #1: Introductory Call

Let’s make sure our experience and your unique needs are a good match. During this call, we’ll ask you a bit about yourself and provide the information you need to make an informed decision before moving forward together.


Meeting #2: Get organized

You have specific concerns in mind. Whether it’s making the most of your earnings or preparing for an upcoming retirement from your law career, we want to know what keeps you up at night. From the information provided, we can develop a tailored plan based on your unique needs.

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Gather Information

If you have a current plan in place, we’ll take a thorough look at what’s working well, what could be improved and where we may add value. At this time, we’ll ask you to present any relevant financial documents to help us get a better understanding of your entire financial picture.


Develop your financial plan

Using the information you’ve provided, we’ll apply our years of experience and our understanding of your values, goals and needs to develop a one-page financial plan and map that can address your biggest concerns.

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Meeting #3: Analysis review

As we work to keep you informed and educated about your options, we’ll discuss in simple terms the strategies and solutions presented on your one-page financial plan and map. We’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have before discussing the next steps toward working with Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors.


start your journey

Welcome to Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors! Once we put your plan into action, we’re happy to work with you as little or as often as you need to keep your financial plan on track. Give us a call at any time if you have an important change to discuss, or connect with us at our recurring reviews.

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Sit Back & Relax

Spend Less Time Worried And More Time Doing What You Love

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