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Chart Your Course With Financial Planning

make better decisions with an interactive view of your entire financial life

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There is no crystal ball that can predict the future. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with the choppy waters life may put in your way. But that's where the power of a well-rehearsed plan comes into play.

The same goes for your financial picture. At Harbor Crest, we believe in harnessing all that today's technology has to offer to provide our clients with a financial plan that factors in potential risks, life changes and decisions before they actually make them. Forget pre-canned reports and static strategies; feel confident with a financial plan that is comprehensive, customized to your needs and outlines actions you can take to achieve long-term success.

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Financial planning is more than taking a cursory look at your investment accounts. A truly comprehensive financial plan is grounded by a foundation that encompasses your values and goals. We build up the structure from there, finding a balance between your wants and needs within the framework of your current and future resources. Comprehensive means your plan also factors in the investment, tax, legal and insurance components of your financial picture.

And we don't just look at the here-and-now; we'll also project your financial plan forward. Using interactive planning technology, we'll rehearse future scenarios and incorporate new market, legislative and personal considerations to make the proper course corrections over time.

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Just like your goals, your financial situation is unique to you and you alone. Say goodbye to the boilerplate, 50-page report with a static set of complex graphs and charts. Experience personal, one-on-one conversations that allow you to open up about what keeps you awake at night. Get individual attention from a team that truly wants to empower you to live your best financial life.

Here at Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors, we spend time getting to know you before crafting a plan, so we can tailor it to your unique situation — that includes your hopes and dreams, and even your worries and fears. We'll ask the "what-if" questions and discuss any trade-offs you might need to make to live life on your terms. 

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How often do you confront instructions for a project, only to remain confused on where to start, how to achieve the end goal or how each step is intertwined? Having grand intentions for a full-scale financial remodel may seem ideal — but bite-sized action items are a much easier and efficient method for achieving your long-term goals. And that's exactly what a comprehensive financial plan provides.

After getting a big-picture view of your personal values and goals, we'll plot them against your full financial picture, and develop easy-to-implement solutions so you aren't overwhelmed. We make sure you are on your way to financial freedom, one small step at a time. Let's get there, together.

Your Financial Life Is More Than Just A Portfolio Return

 Follow a financial plan that elevates you, your careeR and your family

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