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Investment Management

access Long-Term, Low-Cost and diversified investments that work for you

An investment strategy built for you — not the other way around

Finding (and balancing) time for yourself, your family and your career is tough enough. Do you really need to spend time trying to figure out if the price of a product in China is going to affect your retirement income in 20 years? Or trust your life savings to stock-pickers who play the "heads I win, tails you lose" game?

You deserve a better investment experience. You deserve an investment portfolio built for you — not a strategy that suits a fund manager's motives. At Harbor Crest, we design strategies and portfolios that focus on long-term, low-cost and diversified investments — time-tested principles that prevent you from having to keep up with European high-yield bond defaults, interest rate changes or the noise of the financial media. Sit back, relax and get back to spending time out on the water.

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principle #1

A long-term Focus

Paul Samuelson, a Nobel Laureate who is considered the "Father of Modern Economics," once said: "Wall Street ... has predicted nine out of the last five recessions."

It's easy to get caught up in all of the noise. But that's exactly what it is: noise. At Harbor Crest, we encourage our clients to tune out the speculation and conjecture, and listen to what is really important. Do you want to make major decisions for your child's education account or your own retirement fund based on what the talking heads and pundits are yelling about on TV?

Our investment approach emphasizes disciplined investment strategies that are crafted to your own individual needs and risk tolerance, not the unpredictable ebbs and flows of the financial markets. 

principle #2

low-cost investments

There is ample, academic research showing that active investment managers, after adjusting for fees, are unable to beat market returns over time. When it comes to investing for goals that are decades into the future, don't try to chase last year's hot hand, or throw your money into the illiquid investment opportunity of the week, the year or even your lifetime.

At Harbor Crest, we focus on creating personalized investment portfolios that are built with proper asset allocation, tax efficiency and reduced trading costs in mind.

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principle #3

diversified strategies

Trying to time the market is next to impossible year-to-year, let alone over your entire investment horizon. We spread portfolios across a wide range of domestic and international asset classes to reduce risk and better position you to reap returns wherever they may occur.

Our investment philosophy is designed to let the market work for you, supported by decades of academic research conducted by some of the world's most renowned economists.

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