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Forbes: Does Great Offense Or Great Defense Win You A Super Retirement? Thumbnail

Forbes: Does Great Offense Or Great Defense Win You A Super Retirement?

In football during halftime, you have to make changes to give your team a better chance of achieving its strategic goals. It’s not the game plan, but the halftime adjustments that spell the difference between victory and defeat. The same applies to retirement planning: You need to make adjustments along the way and keep an open mind. 
As Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors founder and CEO Mike Hennessy says in this Forbes piece, avoiding rigidity in your actions and emotions is critical to living well during this new phase of life.
And as another expert says in this Forbes article, one of the greatest risks that you can face — potentially greater than an economic downturn or recession — is not preparing for an unexpected event. A lack of life or extended care insurance, insufficient medical insurance coverage, unexpected medical costs, or lack of appropriate estate planning documents in place could create hardship on you or your loved ones during your retirement. 
Read the full Forbes article "Does Great Offense Or Great Defense Win You A Super Retirement?" here
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