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Fortune: Coronavirus Is Putting Millions Of Jobs At Risk Thumbnail

Fortune: Coronavirus Is Putting Millions Of Jobs At Risk

With COVID-19 shuttering businesses throughout the world, many have lost their jobs, or are fearing that they will soon. While preparing for a job loss is something that all people should be doing all the time, this recent scare is different. As one financial planner noted, "There is a simultaneous global slowdown of work on an unprecedented basis, as entire industries shut down. You can no longer just walk across the street and get rehired.”

In this Fortune article, financial subject matter experts — including Mike Hennessy, CFA, CFP® — provide advice on how to navigate this uncharted territory. This includes actionable steps like updating your online résumé with everything you’ve done in recent years: training programs completed, tasks accomplished, industry conferences attended, and fresh skills added to your repertoire. 

And even if your current job seems solid, since we are all preparing for an unknown future, don't make judgments about your own company’s financial prospects. One senior VP of human resources for Indeed said, "I even tell my own team to keep their résumés updated. You want it to be a living and breathing document and get into the rhythm of updating it on a regular basis.”

Mike Hennessy, founder and CEO of financial advisory firm Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, also provided financial tips for handling this difficult time.

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