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MarketWatch: These Books Aren’t About Money, But They Can Change How You Think About It Thumbnail

MarketWatch: These Books Aren’t About Money, But They Can Change How You Think About It

What's that one book that greatly changed how you view the world and how you approach your business and personal life? For Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors CEO and founder Mike Hennessy, it was "Blue Mind” by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.
In "Blue Mind," Dr. Nichols explains the science behind why being near water can make you happier. Hennessy’s new clients — many of them South Florida boaters and small business owners — receive a copy of “Blue Mind” along with their welcome packet. "I want them to understand what I’ve learned, to feel the same freedom with their finances as they feel on the water,” Hennessy said. “And there’s the gratitude that comes with that.”

Another book that Hennessy calls transformative is “The Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holiday. Hennessy says it has helped him respond rather than react to events that swirl around him. “Before reading the book, I was floating along and decisions were not in my control,” he said. “It allowed me to realize that while events may happen beyond your control, how you respond to events is entirely within your control.”

If a technical snafu marred his workday, for instance, Hennessy might previously have reacted by thinking, “Why me? Why can’t I catch a break?” Now, he responds by telling himself, “This is a cost of running a business. Let’s formulate a plan to handle it.” Adopting a calm, controlled mindset helps advisors address difficult challenges.

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