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RIA Intel: Transform Your Time-Sucking, Vanity Advisor Podcast Into an Addictive Program Thumbnail

RIA Intel: Transform Your Time-Sucking, Vanity Advisor Podcast Into an Addictive Program

With more than 62 million Americans tuning in weekly, it's safe to say that podcasts are the medium of the moment. But with more than 700,000 podcasts in the Apple podcast app, it can be hard to be heard over all the noise. How can financial advisors get in on the action and make sure their investment programs stand out? Michael Hennessy, CFA, CFP®, offered his perspective in this RIA Intel article:

“Podcasts create great engagement with the audience. You get to know the podcast host, their voice and mannerisms, what makes them laugh or tense,” said Hennessy, founder and CEO of the South Florida-based Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors. “This type of audio engagement in your marketing funnel can be a helpful boost.”

Hennessy plans to launch a podcast in 2020. An avid podcast listener himself, Hennessy says his podcast will offer useful information and serve as a marketing tool. Since his clients are mostly boaters and small business owners, Hennessy plans to craft short segments on those topics and provide investment advice. Eventually, he wants to add expert interviews.

Like any good financial plan, before you jump into podcasting, run through the variables. Five key considerations include defining your podcast audience and what makes your podcast special; figuring out if you have the bandwidth and know-how to create the podcast; putting a promotion and marketing strategy in place; managing your expectations; and staying in touch with and connecting with your podcast listeners.

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