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Spectrum Business Insights: Taking a Holiday Break? Let Your Business Phone System Help Thumbnail

Spectrum Business Insights: Taking a Holiday Break? Let Your Business Phone System Help

In today’s ultra-connected world, completely unplugging from work over the winter holiday season can be difficult for many financial advisors. “Our business is always tethered to us, despite our best intentions,” said Mike Hennessy, CEO and founder of financial advisory firm Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So how can financial advisors enjoy the holidays when it's hard to stop worrying about work? In this December 2019 Spectrum Business article "Taking a Holiday Break? Let Your Business Phone System Help," Mike Hennessy gave tips on how financial advisors can find work-life balance during the busy holiday season.

Mike Hennessy, CFA, CFP®, uses a suite of technology to ensure his clients can reach him, easily and securely, wherever he happens to be. “I typically travel with my work laptop and mobile phone,” he told Spectrum Business. While those two technologies help him get work done when necessary, his business phone system also plays a big role in managing clients while he’s away. 

Another tip he suggests? Use an automated “receptionist.” If you’re a sole proprietor, or the only client-facing employee in your firm, consider how your phone system can serve as a receptionist and provide callers with the information they need during the holidays, Hennessy says.

Lastly, Hennessy suggests setting up a schedule to carve out some time to handle work issues while you’re on vacation—and then sticking to it.

Spectrum Business also recommends checking your social media platforms during the holidays, since many customers today use social media to report customer service issues. 

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