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Retirement Is Life's Greatest Transition

Craft your legacy and Plan for the financial future you have always envisioned

Get Out Of the Office And Into the Water

There’s something about being on the water that makes life feel … just right. Every lap of a wave can make your biggest stressors feel farther and farther away. But when the sun starts setting and you’re heading back to shore, you deserve to know everything will be just fine.

At Harbor Crest, we're here to help you navigate your critical retirement concerns — like making the most out of your savings, reducing your taxes, finding options for long-term care or determining the best time to take Social Security. We'll find answers to your questions, create solutions to address any challenges you face and more, so you can clock out of your 9-to-5 with peace of mind, knowing your financial concerns are taken care of. 

Aerial image of turquoise water with waves rolling into tan beach

As You Near Retirement, You Want To Be Able To:

Illustration of windsurfing board with yellow sail and white board surfing a blue cresting waveMaintain
your lifestyle

You’ve earned the right to enjoy the finer things in life in retirement. From daily cash flow to health care costs, understand how much is enough to achieve the goals you've set for your second act.

Illustration of pink piggy bank and copper coinSecure
steady income

Once you hit retirement, you'll want to know you have the stability and security to stay retired for good. Get the advice you need to preserve your income stream in a tax-efficient manner.

Illustration of white signpost with three signs pointing in opposite directionsTransition
with ease

While retirement is a time of celebration, the transition into financial independence can be financially, physically and logistically challenging. We'll be here to consult you as you take the next step.

Illustration of two doves, one white, one green, flying through sky in front of sun and cloudsPrepare emotionally for independence

Leaving a job behind can mean facing big, emotional changes. Having a professional team on your side can instill reassurance, as you develop a new identity, figure out how to spend your time and build new friendships.

Illustration of boy with brown hair and blue hat sitting on dock while catching a blue fish using a fishing pole overlooking blue waterExplore
your passions

Take your newfound freedom as an opportunity to focus on what brings you joy, from picking up a new hobby to spending more time with loved ones. Leave your financial concerns to us.

Illustration of storefront with blue building and green sign outsidePass down your business

When the time comes, we’ll help you create a succession plan that ensures you are handing over the keys to your life’s work to the right person, in the right way.

When You're Ready To Start Your Retirement Journey

 We’re Here To help you navigate new waters

Let's Get Started